Jiya Scrunchie

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The Jiya scrunchie comes in a cold steel grey with a matching metallic trim that goes perfect with gold or silver. As its neither in the gold or silver category, its versatile AF. Try using 2 small ones in space buns for a festival or a Medium one to throw your hair up in the middle of a mehndi dance off. It’s simple but effective colour choice has made it timeless and trendless.
The medium is great for people with mid to long length hair and the small is great for our short haired besties, or even fantastic for children. You can see them in our hair over on our Instagram @lacheelaclothing.
Made in the UK
What am I made from?
Fabric: 100% Polyester
Elastic: 50% Latex, 50% Polyester/Polypropylene
Size and fit
Medium: Approximately 15cm in Diameter
Small: Approximately 10cm in Diameter