We are Lacheela (@lacheelaclothing). A South Asian clothing brand for plus size people, carrying sizes UK 16 - 28 and US 12 - 22. We give people the power to take control of their own style with our mix and match collection!

After shopping for South Asian clothes and getting constantly turned away we decided that enough was enough! Most stores would either not have our size, stuck on a hefty price tag just to adjust the size, or have outfits that were honestly outright ugly!

We decided that the only way for us to have stylish South Asian clothes that fit us properly was to design and make them ourselves, which is exactly what we did for any big events that we had. It occurred to us that we must not be the only plus size people who struggle with this… This is when Lacheela began. Our daily walks during the first COVID-19 lockdown was where we came up with an exciting idea that quickly developed into a full brand.

Our aim is to provide clothing that you can buy and wear without having to make any alterations. It is important to us to have a British made product with specially sourced embroidered fabrics from India, which can be a staple in any wardrobe. We design a mix of minimal and modern pieces that can be worn with any of our other items or mixed into your current wardrobe. At Lacheela our focus is to design for plus size people, providing stylish South Asian outfits for any occasion. We want people to have options, so we encourage our customers to mix and match our collection. THERE ARE NO RULES! (Don’t worry we have created looks to inspire you).

We thought about our struggles with clothes and asked a lot of people for their opinions. So, we decided to add longer zips to our skirts, we used hooks to avoid bunching from those horrid strings and we added a full cancan to create a fabulous A-line silhouette. In our tops we ditched the padded cups, because what use do they really have for us? All of our tops have bra loops to tame those straps and a removable strap along the back for a more comfortable fit.

Our design choices are carefully thought about and tested to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied. We understand that being open and honest about our size is important, so we have provided a full size guide so you can be sure that what you buy will fit. We encourage you to measure yourself before to pick your size!

If you have any questions about our sizing or anything else, please reach out to us via email at info@lacheela.com or DM us on social media @lacheelaclothing. We also offer video consultations where we advise you on sizing and styling.



The Founders…

We are sisters, Pholita (left) and Bhaveena (right) with a mission to change the South Asian fashion industry.

Growing up, whenever we had big family events we would go out shopping with good intentions and the confidence that we would find something ready-to-wear, but usually within 10 minutes of looking we would realise it would never be that easy. It was especially difficult when everyone around us could easily buy what they wanted, whilst we spent most of the day trying to get our arms in an outfit that was marked as an extra-large when it was obviously not!

We started buying and sending our fabrics back to a tailor in our rural village in Gujarat, along with a few pictures and trusting him to create our visions. We would love finding vintage Gujrati fabrics to which he would then wave his magic wand to create exactly what we wanted. After making a few outfits we started to mix and match our garments to create completely different looks for our never-ending events. It wasn’t until we got older that we realised how much we really enjoyed the process. It was at this time that it also occurred to us that we were definitely not the only plus size people who felt this disappointment when shopping for South Asian clothes, thus Lacheela was born!

Thankfully we grew up in an environment where we were encouraged to be creative. For Bhaveena this turned into a degree in accessory design, making her the creative force behind Lacheela. My (Pholita) academic background primed me to become the perfect partner in crime, and together we make an unstoppable team.