To find the right size we encourage you to measure yourselves properly and compare with our sizes. Below is a clear guide on how to measure your body.


What to wear

We recommend wearing the best fitting and most comfortable underwear that you have. If you can, measure yourself in skin tight clothing, a t-shirt and leggings would be perfect but just underwear would be better. This way you are getting the most accurate measurements!


What to use

We recommend using a fabric measuring tape, so it can hug your curves perfectly and get an accurate measurement.


How to measure

It’s always handy to have help when measuring, a second set of eyes can look out for any twists in the tape. Or they can measure whilst you stand and look pretty, either way!

We find measuring in centimetres is always more accurate, but inches is also okay.

In the diagram below you can see where to measure on your body.

If you have any questions about our sizing you can email us at or DM us on social media @lacheelaclothing. We also offer free video consultations where we advise you on sizing and styling.