Amara Scrunchie

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Imagine you’ve just come off the dancefloor; the party is still going but it’s time to get serious! Grab Amara from your wrist (yes, she also makes a good bracelet) and tie up your hair to get back to business! Amara is a stunning medium scrunchie in a white chiffon embroidered fabric. This is a perfect accessory to compliments any outfit, casual or for that special occasion.

The medium is great for people with mid to long length hair and the perfect addition to a small bun for our short haired besties, or even fantastic for children. You can see them in our hair over on our Instagram @lacheelaclothing.

Made in the UK
What am I made from?
Fabric: 100% Polyester

Elastic: 50% Latex  50% polyester/polypropylene

Size and fit
Medium: Approximately 15cm in Diameter